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You Are My Spring

  • Drama: You Are My Spring (너는 나의 봄)
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: July 5 – August 24, 2021
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00
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‘You Are My Spring’ is a story that begins when people who live under the name of ‘adult’ with their seven-year-old in their hearts gather together in the building where the murder took place.

The revealed highlight video contains the intertwined relationship of major characters such as Kang Da-jeong (Seo Hyun-jin), Joo Young-do (Kim Dong-wook), Chae-jun (Yoon Park), and Ahn Ga-young (Nam Gyu-ri), and the narrative of Kang Da-jeong and Joo Young-do moving towards each other. .First, in the faded screen, along with the sound of the moving projector, Kang Da-jeong appears along with the name of Kang Da-jeong, along with Kang Da-jeong’s pathetic voice, “I was hurting new growth to scrape away old scars.” Da-jeong and Kang Da-jeong’s appearances intersect, and the meaningful phrase “How far have you run from your seven years of age?” overwhelms the eyes.

After Kang Da-jung and Joo Young-do had a strong meeting, Joo Young-do’s analysis continued, “Only birds without feet, garbage magnets, black cats, and bad boys keep sticking around. In fact, you are attracting only those people.” Joo Young also said, “I’m trying to get away from the unfortunate memories. Probably in my childhood family.” At the same time, Kang Da-jeong and Joo Young-do, who are surprised by Joo Young-do’s neck, stimulate curiosity.

Then, Da-jeong Kang’s narration “I don’t want to be hurt”, Da-jeong Kang and Chae-joon facing each other amid the white snow, Chae-joon’s voice saying “I can meet you. Meet me”, and Chae-joon chasing after Kang Da-jeong are one after another. It unfolds, and Kang Da-jung’s heartfelt message, “But I want to be happy,” is sad.

Above the word Joo Young-do, Joo Young-do’s remark follows, “I know that none of the words I have can comfort this face.” While the phrase ‘our story hidden in the shadows of adults’ represents Joo Young-do’s complicated psychology, Da-jeong Kang and Young-do Joo are depicted as they climb a huge number of stairs together and sit side by side enjoying the night view. On the other hand, Ga-Young Ahn’s unusual atmosphere, threateningly pouring out words towards Joo Young-do, adds to curiosity, saying, “We got married 6 years ago, and I still liked you. You were afraid that I would die.”

On the other hand, after Kang Da-jung’s question-filled question, “Why didn’t you meet then?”, the atmosphere changes and mysterious scenes follow. “I saw something 18 years ago,” Joo-young said as soon as he finished saying, “Because that person was not in the world from the beginning,” followed by Joo Young-do and someone’s cool eyes, Kang Da-jeong’s back, hand holding a knife, and bloody fingers. Da-jeong Kang, who sheds tears, raises an unusually cool feeling.

However, the aspects of Kang Da-jeong and Joo Young-do, who care for their painful wounds, make the heart flutter. In addition, Joo Young-do said, “It will take some time for my heart to return to its normal position. There’s nothing wrong with Kang Da-jung.” And Kang Da-jeong’s inner feelings, who were comforted by saying, “Because it was warm. Digestive medicine and candy,” were contained in a sad state. In particular, Da-jeong Kang and Joo Young-do, who fell into the sea at the same time, Da-jeong Kang, who smiled proudly saying, “You like me,” over the two people who were hit by a water bomb in the shower, and Young-do Joo, who said, “I want to do something crazy,” shake hands and cheer at the same time. Da-jeong Kang and Young-do Joo, who like to shout at each other, warm their hearts. Above all, Joo Young-do maximized his excitement by expressing his heartfelt sincerity to Kang Da-jeong, who touched her forehead, saying, “Don’t go.”


  1. You Are My Spring will replace Doom at Your Service.

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