DownloadThrough the Darkness (악의 마음을 읽는 자들)

Through the Darkness

  • Drama: Through the Darkness (악의 마음을 읽는 자들)/ Those Who Read Hearts of Evil
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: January 14, 2022 —
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10
  • Official Website


The overwhelming presence of Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu shines through the poster, attracting attention.

Through the poster released, the two men who lead the drama, Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu’s unique aura, and the overall atmosphere and color of the work can be glimpsed, attracting attention.

The first main poster contains Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu sitting opposite each other in what appears to be an interrogation room, and the second main poster contains Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu walking side by side in the dark. Together, the two struggle to chase a serial killer and read their minds, revealing their firm will with intense eyes.

At the same time, it stimulates curiosity about the symbolic meaning hidden throughout the poster. The first ‘darkness’ that stands out seems to symbolize the evil heart they had to look into.

On the other hand, through Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu, who break through the darkness, it makes people expect to uncover the mind of evil. Also, depending on the view, “Why did you think it was the culprit?” Or, a phrase that can be read as “Why did you think you were not the criminal?” makes us guess the intricacies of the two people who approach evil with all possibilities open.

‘Through the Darkness’ tells the story of the first profiler in Korea who had to fiercely look into the minds of serial killers at the peak of evil at a time when unmotivated murders were on the rise.

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