Download The Road: Tragedy of One (더 로드: 1의 비극)

The Road: Tragedy of One

  • Drama: The Road: Tragedy of One (더 로드: 1의 비극)
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: August 4 – September 23, 2021
  • Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30
  • Official Website


The Road: Tragedy of One is a mystery drama in which after a tragic incident occurs on the night of heavy rain, a secret tangled like a thread creates another tragedy.

Ji Jin-hee, who plays the national anchor Baek Soo-hyun, replied, “The road to the truth.” He continued, “Isn’t it a tragedy for someone because the secret they were trying to hide was never a secret. As we walk together in the process of digging up the truth to hide the secret, we will face the real truth.”

Yoon Se-ah, who plays Baek Soo-hyun’s wife Seo Eun-soo, said, “I am on my way to a secret that I can’t tell, the bare face I want to hide.”

Finally, Kim Hye-eun, who played the role of late-night news announcer Cha Seo-young, introduced “The road to salvation.” She added, “Life is a series of trivial choices that change a lot. And with those choices we can go either the way of salvation or the way of destruction.”

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