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  • Drama: Snowdrop (설강화)
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: December 18, 2021
  • Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30
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Although most of the setting is fictional, the 1987 democratization movement, the presidential election, and the subject matter of spies and the National Security Agency are clearly approaching us sensitively. Although we are talking about fiction, the point of intersection is bound to react sensitively and sensitively to us who know the background. As director Cho Hyun-tak said, it is now confirmed through the broadcast whether all of the concerns are useless, or whether there are so many problems that we really need to worry.

Jisoo, who is challenging acting for the first time through ‘Snowdrop’, said, “I read the script before the audition, and the character Youngro was attractive. I decided to appear because I thought I would be able to share this bright energy with people.” “I was nervous because it was my first acting challenge, but everyone took good care of me so I filmed well. Because I have been with Jung Hae-in the longest, he took care of me and gave me advice. I made it while thinking about how the two of us would feel for each scene.”

Regarding the character, “Life in spirit is not easy. Still, the way she tries to give her bright energy is something we can learn. I learned a lot from Youngro while acting,” she said.


  1. Snowdrop  will replace Inspector Koo.

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