download Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee? (커피 한잔 할까요?)

Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee?

  • Drama: Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee? (커피 한잔 할까요?)
  • Network: KakaoTV
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: October 24, 2021
  • Air Time: Thursday & Sunday 17:00
  • Runtime: 25 minutes each episode


Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee? is an emotional human drama depicting a new barista Kang Go-bi (Ong Seong-wu), who jumped into the world of coffee with pure passion, learning about coffee and people as he became a disciple of coffee master Park Seok (Park Ho-san). all. It is a dramatization of the original of the same name drawn by painter Young-man Heo to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his debut.

Director Noh Jung-wook, in charge of directing, said, “It is the story of Park Seok and his guests, who live on a one-way coffee journey.

Director Noh said, “If there is one difference from the original work, it is Gobi’s dream. In the original work, Gobi is a person whose dream is to be a barista. I was trying to reveal an insight into life through this.

He added, “Writer Young-man Heo gave me total freedom to say, ‘If it’s an original cartoon and a cartoon is made into a video, it’s a separate creation.

Actors Ong Seong-wu and Park Ho-san take on the roles of Gobi Kang, a barista with pure passion, and Park Seok, a master barista, performing as priests.

Regarding the reason for casting the actors, Director Noh said, “If you look at the manga, you will know that Gobi is very similar to Ong Seong-wu. Yes. I think I was possessed by people’s good laughter.”


  1. Ong Seong-wu and Park Ho-san’s <Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee?> released the script reading site.

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