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Shadow Beauty

  • Drama: Shadow Beauty (그림자 미녀)
  • Network: KakaoTV
  • Episodes: 13
  • Air Date: November 20, 2021 —


‘Shadow Beauty’ is a drama about a high school girl Koo Ae-jin (played by Shim Dal-gi), who has a double life after school. As it is based on a webtoon of the same name, which enjoyed a lot of popularity with 700,000 subscribers to Kakao Page and a rating of 9.1, it is expected to provide an exciting story as well as a thrilling tension with the mystery and suspense code added to the academy. It is already making the hearts of genre fanatics pounding.

The character posters that give a glimpse into the narratives of Koo Ae-Jin, Kim Ho-In, Lee Jin-Sung, and Yang Ha-Neul also make it impossible to take your eyes off of them. Among them, Goo Ae-jin, who is bullied by her friends at school, makes a heavy resonance in the hearts of those who see it with just one eye that contains all emotions. Tears seem to be pouring out at any moment, but those eyes do not look infinitely weak, but rather strong. Here ‘I know. People are paying attention to Koo Ae-jin’s unusual narrative, which will show dramatic emotional variations with the addition of a character copy of ‘that people have no interest or emotion in my tears’.

Class leader Kim Ho-in, like Koo Ae-jin, is exuding a perfect model student force. ‘I have a lot of questions about you… The character copy ‘You?’ makes Kim Ho-in’s story more curious about what awakens his reasoning instinct, a mystery fanatic.

Next, trainee Lee Jin-seong, who dreams of becoming an idol, is filled with warmth not only in his visuals but also in his eyes, which makes viewers smile. Especially, ‘No, everything you say is believable. In the character copy titled ‘I’m sorry?’, along with the innocence of Lee Jin-sung from Busan, the warmth of being the only friend to the lonely Koo Ae-jin is conveyed. The main character of the last character poster is Yang Ha-neul, the protagonist who torments Koo Ae-jin. From the pose with arms folded to the eyes with sharp edges, attention is focused on what kind of tension Yang Ha-neul, armed with harshness, will create in the play.

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