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Red Shoes

  • Drama: Red Shoes (빨강 구두)
  • Network: KBS1
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: July 5, 2021 –
  • Air Time: Monday – Friday 19:50
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‘Red Shoes’ will be in search of love and desire while ignoring the bond of flesh and blood for one own success. It tells the story of a heartless mother who has left a daughter who falls into the cycle of unstoppable desire for revenge.

Writer Hwang Soon-young of ‘Red Shoes’ said about the motivation for writing the work, “Rather than living as a mother of children or the wife of an unloving husband, an honest woman who constantly runs for her success and desire by any means and methods.”

Also, regarding the meaning of ‘red shoes’ selected as the title of the work, “The day the main character woman was kicked out of her house by her husband, she comes out wearing the ‘red shoes’ that a man in the past gave her. And the last gift she left for her daughter is a necklace of red shoe accessories. If the ‘red shoes’ are ‘desire’ for the mother, it becomes ‘revenge’ for the daughter.”

In addition, she expressed her strong trust in the lead actors Choi Myung-gil and So E-Hyun. Writer Hwang Soon-young said, “In particular, Choi Myung-gil is an actress with a lot of inherent power, so I was so excited when I drew it in my head while writing the script. Actor So E-Hyun had a very nice and pretty image in the variety show. I was convinced that Gemma’s character itself could be an advantage as it is a character with both good and evil at the same time. I 100% believe that the two will show fantastic chemistry.”

On the other hand, writer Hwang Soon-young said about the viewing point of ‘Red Shoes’, “If you look at it, you will be sucked in without knowing it and become a listener. The charm of the work is the answer that viewers need to find,” she said, raising the expectations of prospective viewers.

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