Pipeline (파이프라인)


  • Movie: Pipeline (파이프라인)
  • Release Date: May 26, 2021
  • Runtime: 108 min.


Pipeline is a crime entertainment film depicting the ultimate team play of six oilers who dream of turning their lives around by stealing hundreds of billions of oil hidden under the Korean soil. It contains not only fresh material dealing with the first domestic crime, but also cool action and delightful fun filled with running time, tension-filled development that does not give you a moment to look away, and a refreshing reversal. In addition, actors such as Seo In-guk, Lee Soo-hyuk, Eum Moon-seok, Yoo Seung-mok, Tae Hang-ho, Bae Yu-ram, Bae Da-bin, and Seo Dong-won will gather in one place to show fantastic synergy.

Big shovel (Tae Hang-ho), a powerful human excavator that signals the start of the oiling operation, Nagwajang (Yoo Seung-mok), who grasps the geography in the ground that is not even on the map and catches errors, and the industry’s best drilling hole drilling a hole directly in the oil pipeline Technician Pindori (Seo In-guk), welder Jeop-sae (Eum Moon-seok) who turns the oil flow by connecting a new pipe to a hole in the oil pipeline, and the watcher Counter (Bae Da-bin) who manages all these processes without being detected.

It adds to the curiosity of what kind of chemistry the characters with completely different personalities will gather together, including the operational designer Geon-woo (Lee Soo-hyuk), who made them come together.

Gathered in one place for the common goal of reversing life with different goals, they face a crisis with perfect dissonance, but they perform exceptionally in an instant situation with their unique ability that no one can match and their ultimate team play. It will provide an exhilarating pleasure to the audience.

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