Download Move To Heaven (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다)

Move To Heaven

  • Drama: Move To Heaven (무브 투 헤븐: 나는 유품정리사입니다)
  • Network: Netflix
  • Episodes: 10
  • Air Date: May 14 2021


The story is centered around Han Geu-Roo (Tang Joon-Sang), who cherishes the stories of the deceased according to his father’s teachings Han Jeong-U (Ji Jin-Hee), and uncle Jo Sang-Koo (Lee Je-Hoon), who changes with Gru while living a rough and unfortunate life. Here, Gru’s good friend Yoon Na-Mu (Hong Seung-Hee) and other people from various stories appear to tell a warm story.

As it is an episodic drama, the various stories of people that appear every time stimulate viewers’ tears. From a young man who died while working in a poor environment in a difficult environment, hoping only for a full-time job, a mother who was abandoned by his son and lived alone but thought only of his son, a husband who made the last choice for his beloved wife, a doctor who made love that the world did not allow, a mother with a country and a mother It is unfortunate that all the stories, such as an adopted child who was abandoned by him, are unfortunate.

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