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  • Drama: Lost (이벤트를 확인하세요) / No Longer Human / Human Disqualification
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes:
  • Air Date: September 4, 2021
  • Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30
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‘Lost’ warms the hearts of viewers with deep and deep emotions.

Lost tells the story of ordinary people who do their best towards the light, who suddenly realize that they have become ‘nothing at all’ in the midst of their lives.

Jeon Do-yeon proves once again the true value and power of ‘All-Time Legend’, a woman who has lost her reason for living while facing herself who has failed on the downhill road of her life. Like an invisible human, it appeals to the emotions that go back and forth between loss and anxiety, emptiness and loneliness, and unfamiliar excitement, living with trivial pain and suffering.

Ryu Jun-yeol takes on the role of Kang Jae, a service operator who wants to become wealthy, once again renewing his life’s character. A youth who wanders in search of shortcuts, taking risks in order to get rid of the genes of poverty and rise to a higher place, but wanders in front of a steep uphill road without achieving anything.

In the first episode of ‘Disqualification of Humanity’, which will be aired on the 4th, Bu-Jung and Kang-jae each receive unexpected news and fall into the depths of darkness.

Expectations are focused on Bu-Jung and Kang-jae facing each other with different sorrows, and the accidental meeting of two men and women who will become fateful bonds.

The production team of ‘Disqualification of Humanity’ said, “In the first broadcast on the 4th, the daily life of Bu-Jung and Kang-jae, who lived as if living day to day amid their loss and wandering, is depicted. Please join us in the beginning of what kind of change it will bring.”


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