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Little Forest

  • Movie: Little Forest (새콤달콤)
  • Release Date: June 4, 2021
  • Runtime: 101 min.
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‘Little Forest’ provides a healing time to those who see Hyewon through these four seasons. It was full of pleasant energy that stimulated the senses of sight, hearing, and smell.

The highlight of this movie is the seasons and food. After returning to her hometown, Hye-won cooks herself. To eat a natural diet based on crops that can be obtained around for one meal. The movie shows Hye-won’s cooking process in detail, and it feels relaxed. It’s very different from the city dwellers who order at a restaurant and spend a meal time not knowing whether to eat or swallow. Hyewon, who spends time eating without being pressed for time, gives a sense of vicarious satisfaction to those who see it as something that can only be enjoyed on holidays.

There is another secret to cooking, and that is the memories with my mother (Moon So-ri). For those who are married or living alone after leaving home, dishes that will bring back memories. There are many foods regardless of nationality such as miso soup, rice cakes, makgeolli, bean noodles, pasta, chestnuts, creme brulee, and okonomiyaki. Along with food, Hye-won recalls her mother’s memories of cooking as a child, and naturally hits her emotions. Through the food in the play, the audience can reminisce even if they are not mothers.

The change of seasons, the point of the film, is pleasing to the eye. Starting with a lonely winter, a fresh spring with new leaves, a summer when you need to be careful of heat stroke, an autumn where you can enjoy a quiet evening while watching the sunset, and again in winter. These four seasons of ‘Little Forest’ are a time to organize your thoughts on life, and at the same time make you feel the beauty of nature that is not easily accessible in the city. Even without being fancy, the wonderful nature is portrayed as a resting place for Hyewon. This is enough to sympathize with the audience as well.

The actors’ performances are also a pleasure not to be missed in ‘Little Forest’. Kim Tae-ri, who has transformed into a rural girl digging firewood, planting seedlings, digging mugwort, and planting fallen rice, shows a refreshing and pleasant appearance. Ryu Jun-yeol and Jin Ki-joo showed a breath that would not be strange even if they were real friends with her. Ryu Jun-yeol showed the image of a handsome young farmer who chose to do what he had to do with a smile. He makes me feel comfortable like an old friend while arguing with Kim Tae-ri.

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