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A Year-End Medley

  • Movie: A Year-End Medley/Happy New Year (해피 뉴 이어)
  • Release Date: December 29, 2021
  • Runtime: 77 minutes


A Year-End Medley takes place in the background of Seoul’s luxury hotel, Emros. Hotelier So-jin (Han Ji-min) has had a crush on her friend Seung-hyo (Kim Young-kwang), who has been in a band since childhood.
She could not even confess to procrastination and procrastination, but suddenly the news that Seunghyo was getting married came.

Hotel representative Yong-jin (Lee Dong-wook), who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, happens to meet housekeeper Lee Young (Won Jin-ah), and he becomes increasingly fond of her.

People’s eyes are only stinging over the relationship between the two.

Jae-yong (Kang Ha-neul), who failed the civil service exam and was abandoned by his lover, stayed in Emross to live “luxury” for the last time before taking his own life.

However, he gradually regains his laughter at the conversation he has every morning with Su-yeon (Im Yoon-ah), who gives him a wake-up call.

Doorman Sang-gyu (Jung Jin-young) welcomes guests as usual, but reunites with his first love, Catherine (Lee Hye-young), 40 years ago.

Lee Kang (Seo Kang-jun), a DJ on a radio program directed by Seung-hyo, became a top star after a long period of obscurity.

Manager Sang-hoon (Lee Kwang-soo) is preparing to let him play in ‘Big Water’ ahead of the expiration of his contract.

So-jin’s younger brother Se-jik (Jo Jun-young) only likes Ah-yeong (Won Ji-an), who attends the same school, but eventually confesses to being pushed by friends.

Jin-ho (Lee Jin-wook), who meets new people every week at So-jin’s hotel restaurant, came out to see each other on the last day of the new year without fail.

From the fresh love of high school students to the mature love of middle-aged people, from unrequited love to friendship.The film shows love across generations and types. The 14 narratives seem to contain ‘my story’ that the audience can relate to. There is no rushing directing or dramatic development, but thanks to that, you can comfortably capture their love without stress.

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